Jamie O’Brien

Jamie O’Brien

Pro Rider

2 years ago

Kai Lenny gets a last-minute call to surf Kelly's Wave Pool with Zion Wright and Jamie O'Brien. Was it worth the trip? Find out here!...

2 years ago

FORM originally started in December 2017 as a film that focused more on a group of friends who grew up learning to surf Pipeline. Through...

3 years ago

Jamie O'Brien surfs Teahupo'o ON FIRE. Watch this and 9 other epic sends in GoPro's top 10 video! Jamie's section is at 4:35. Buckle your...

3 years ago

Wave pools are bringing surfing to areas without coastlines and delivering consistent, reproducible, killer waves. But they don’t offer the same vibe as surfing on...

3 years ago

Score soft-top tube time at the North Shore with GoPro Athlete Jamie O'Brien, captured with HyperSmooth on GoPro HERO9 Black. Guest appearances from athletes Mason...

3 years ago

Maps of Home is a short film shot on location on the North Shore of Oahu, between January and March 2021. Surfers featured in order...

3 years ago

The power of the ocean is INCREDIBLE. If you like watching anything to do with water & waves we guarantee you'll enjoy this one. The...

3 years ago

GoPro surf athlete Jamie O'Brien takes his HERO9 Black along for some tube time at the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii. Shot 100% on GoPro:...

6 years ago

Volcom Pipe Pro continues with some bigger names taking their turn! Follow Ian Walsh, Jamie O'Brien and Adriano de Souza, among others, as they take...

7 years ago

Gerry Lopez and some glamour shots of Pipeline going off, what's not to like? Sometimes it's great to watch movies like this and see what...

7 years ago

HEAVY... Hawaii celebrated Christmas in style a few weeks back. Pipeline goes off, and an allstar cast was there to shred it. Even Kelly got...

8 years ago

This looks worth a watch... thinking JOB meets Dirty Sanchez?! Clash of the Coasts is a new Surf Channel show, pinning two teams/coasts head-to-head in...

Issue 6

Stunning images with nowhere else to go, feast your eyes on some pure ocean indulgence right here.

4 years ago

Professional surfer & Vlogger. Stay Psyched!!

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