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Prolimit Wingfoil Session Boardbag

Chris Bertish is an adventurer doing things that most people cant even comprehend. Sadly this time it didn’t work out but here from the man himself how it went, what went well and what didn’t and how he plans to come back stronger, faster and ready to set another record.

Captain’s Vlog Update – Stop, reset, repair and then rebuild it back stronger and better!

As things change and your environment changes, obstacles and challenges arise and from this opportunities come begging for creative solutions with a positive mindset and attitude, to get innovative & show you are prepared to get through anything, but still be willing to learn some new lessons and grow through them, the then shift and pivot your plan to achieve the best outcome for the bigger picture, where everyone wins.. as with these bigger projects, it’s not about you, it’s way bigger than you.. as it’s about big impact, awareness and inspiration.. and because of this you have to leave your ego and emotion at the door, for every decision you make and if you can do that… every decision then becomes very clear and simple and then it’s easy to make quick and rational decisions always.

Everything that I do is about minimizing risk and making the best decision for the bigger picture result and creating a win, win for all parties involved.

This 212mile journey, was an incredible opportunity to test all of the systems on the Impifish, set a new world record, begin the project and start raising awareness for Climate Action, Ocean Health and the incredible organizations we’re working with.

I’m looking forward to building on this and the amazing partnerships we have with Ocean Unite, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and Conservation International.

We’ll be doing lots of work with The Chris Bertish Foundation over the next couple of months to continue giving back to people, planet, ocean, and education and funding planting more sea trees and helping further develop the ocean education classroom program for the project, to inspire the youth and make a positive difference, so when we do launch again, it’s even better than it was going to be before.

I’ll be sharing an update every 6-8 weeks and what our timeline is looking like for relaunch, wether that be the end of the weather window for this season or early next season.

I really appreciate all of the support from the beginning of this project and hope you enjoy coming along on this journey!

See more about how and why Chris is doing this on his website here –

See what else has got up to over the years here –

Tue 29th Jun, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

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