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10 months ago

Follow along with Armstrong Foils, Chris Bertish transpacific project that will inspire, educate, create and collect valuable data to help conservation and Ocean Health for…

11 months ago

In May 2022, Chris Bertish will attempt to be the first human to wingfoil across any ocean, completely unsupported and unassisted. Leaving from California heading…

1 year ago

In two weeks the Global Premiere of Chris Bertish's World Record Solo Atlantic crossing on an SUP will be available to download.¬† The trailer for…

1 year ago

Chris Bertish is an adventurer doing things that most people cant even comprehend. Sadly this time it didn't work out but here from the man…

2 years ago

In June and July of 2021, Chris Bertish plans to solo wing-foil 2750 nautical miles across the Pacific, from Half Moon Bay, California to Oahu,…

2 years ago

Chris Bertish plans to wingsurf from the West Coast of California in Half Moon Bay across the Pacific to Oahu, Hawaii, a distance of over…

5 years ago

This might be the cheesiest advert we've ever seen! It does however have some awesome SUP footage featuring Chris Bertish.

6 years ago

Unbelievable, incredible, I'MPossible! Chris Bertish has made landfall in Antigua 93 days after leaving Morocco paddling an incredible 7,500km across one of the most hazardous…

6 years ago

A sneak peek into the Documentary that's being made about this incredible journey. This is an epic story like no other and the film is…