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4 days ago

ALL IN! - The inspiring talk by Chris Bertish on a journey that everyone thought was simply impossible - 4000NM across the Atlantic Ocean, solo,…

1 year ago

Follow along with Armstrong Foils, Chris Bertish transpacific project that will inspire, educate, create and collect valuable data to help conservation and Ocean Health for…

1 year ago

In May 2022, Chris Bertish will attempt to be the first human to wingfoil across any ocean, completely unsupported and unassisted. Leaving from California heading…

2 years ago

In two weeks the Global Premiere of Chris Bertish's World Record Solo Atlantic crossing on an SUP will be available to download.  The trailer for…

2 years ago

Chris Bertish is an adventurer doing things that most people cant even comprehend. Sadly this time it didn't work out but here from the man…

2 years ago

In June and July of 2021, Chris Bertish plans to solo wing-foil 2750 nautical miles across the Pacific, from Half Moon Bay, California to Oahu,…

2 years ago

Chris Bertish plans to wingsurf from the West Coast of California in Half Moon Bay across the Pacific to Oahu, Hawaii, a distance of over…

6 years ago

This might be the cheesiest advert we've ever seen! It does however have some awesome SUP footage featuring Chris Bertish.

6 years ago

Unbelievable, incredible, I'MPossible! Chris Bertish has made landfall in Antigua 93 days after leaving Morocco paddling an incredible 7,500km across one of the most hazardous…