Its great to be seeing the development of winging both on and off the foil. The Royal Yachting Association recently ran their first ever Wing Instructor Course at The OTC in Portland, Dorset. With the largest water based national governing body now training people to be instructors you can potentially turn your foiling habit into a job. With more and more people from different sporting backgrounds seeing the sport, its great to see that there will be centres opening their doors to the latest watersport and training people in a safe environment which should speed up their progression.

“It’s really easy to get up on the board and get going” “This sport is going to take off” A mix of paddle boarding, windsurfing and foiling

How to teach complete beginners to wingsurf and the progression to getting up on a foil. Find a course now

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Wed 23rd Jun, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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