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Tom Court has somehow manged to escape the UK in a time where many feel a bit stuck. He competed in the first Flite Cup e-Foil race and won, then he set his sights on tow foiling one of the worlds gnarliest waves, Nazaré and now let him take you on a tour of Porto on his e-Foil.

Over the last few days I have been exploring Portugal as much as I can to see all the different spots that the country has to offer for free riding on the water. From the Algarve all the way up to Porto, there is some amazing coastline, awesome kite spots, both wave and freestyle and now arriving in Porto City, I think I have the perfect toy for a quick city tour. The E-foil Fliteboard got me straight out of the car and into the action for a full tour of down town city of Porto, under all the old bridges, seeing some of the best architecture of the area and having some fun whilst I was doing it.

Also a great range test for the Flite Boards are I motored around 40km as I blasted up and down the Douro River checking all the best spots to each and some of the coolest bridges in the world. For sure there are few cooler ways to see porto river other than in one of the redbull air race planes… so this is yet another epic experience to check off my bucket list all within my first few weeks in Portugal!!

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Tue 22nd Jun, 2021 @ 6:30 pm

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