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2 years ago

Tom Court has somehow manged to escape the UK in a time where many feel a bit stuck. He competed in the first Flite Cup…

2 years ago

Don't miss Tom Court going at warp speed at the Fliteboard Cup in Portugal. I bet that would hurt if you fell off! I head…

3 years ago

The Cave; it's a perfect wave until it isn't! You never know what to expect out there, ride of your life or ticket to hell as…

4 years ago

From dawn patrol to sunsets, many miles, siestas and dirt roads. At the end of a busy contest season, Team O'Neill Europe came together to…

4 years ago

After a knee injury and three long months out of the water recovering, João Mendonça (a.k.a. Johnny) got the call from Nic Von Rupp: 6…

5 years ago

Lagos, Portugal looks like it should be on top of your SUP destination list - check out the spectacular scenery of the Algarve by SUP.…

6 years ago

Who's tried a SUP downwinder? This spot in Portugal looks perfect for it! If you haven't had a go, get your mates together and organise…

7 years ago

Let's kick off the day with this shred fest from Nazaré in Portugal with paddle and tow crews taking on some of the world's biggest…

7 years ago

Pretty exciting adventure paddling from Algarve SUP. Navigating through Portugal with all your gear and sleeping wild. Looks awesome.