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Don’t miss Tom Court going at warp speed at the Fliteboard Cup in Portugal. I bet that would hurt if you fell off!

I head down to Portugal this week to check out the Fliteboard word cup e-foil race that is hosted at the world water forum In Monsaraz. A super unique event that I was lucky enough to find out about after using my Flite board so much in the last few months and pushing it to the edge of it performance, they invited me to see how fast I could push their boards in competition. So, I take you with me and my GoPro as I travel from the UK to Portugal and we check out this amazing event, and put some of these epic new boards, new hydrofoil wings, motors, props and other technical features to the test to optimise for the best speed around a single track, racing against a group of unique individuals as they put on the worlds first e-foil World Cup.

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This is 1 of 3 videos I will make from this event, looking deeper into some of the technology that is behind these boards, what sort of changes make a huge difference to speed gains and hopefully taking home the gold at this amazing and unique event!!! You can check out the whole event broadcast here:

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Thu 10th Jun, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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