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3 months ago

Tom Court is fast becoming a known for his Flite board eFoil antics. This one saw him commute from the Isle Of Wight To Bournemouth…

4 months ago

Tom is one of the UK's biggest foil frothers. This video is a throw back of him and his Isle Of Wight Crew ripping around…

4 months ago

Tom Court has somehow manged to escape the UK in a time where many feel a bit stuck. He competed in the first Flite Cup…

5 months ago

Join Tom Court as he takes place in the first ever E-Foil Flite Cup. Testing new kit This week has been a crazy one, a…

5 months ago

Don't miss Tom Court going at warp speed at the Fliteboard Cup in Portugal. I bet that would hurt if you fell off! I head…

6 months ago

Watch as Tom Court cruises his way around the Needles on his Flite Board. Looks like a fun place for eFoiling! Flite Board is a…

6 months ago

Watch as Tom Court teaches his mates to eFoil. This is an entertaining watch! So after the guys dragging me out on the E-bike in…

7 months ago

Tom Court has just got his hands on an efoil to test and he makes it look SO FUN. Definitely worth a watch this but…

2 years ago

Tom Court tests out Fliteboard's Electric Foil in this one and even gets his dad involved, who had never tried one before! Impressed with the…


Fliteboard lets you glide, carve and soar above any body of water without noise, emissions or wake for up to 40km per charge. Now shipping.

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