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Watch as Tom Court teaches his mates to eFoil. This is an entertaining watch!

So after the guys dragging me out on the E-bike in the last video, it was time to put the through their paces on the Flite Board Electric foil. It is a cool bit of kit and probably one of the easiest ways to get your first taste of riding a foil on the ocean. Similar to a E-bike, the battery in the deck gives you power to ride even flat water at speed… Can Sam Pilgrim, Sam Hodge and Tom Istead get used to it on their first ever time hydrofoil surfing?! Luckily they had a good teacher 😉

Then we head back to the Isle of Wight mountain bike centre to check out and rider their new trails for 2021. Hitting some kickers, jumping some gaps on the enduro bikes and a few big crashes on the mega ramp to make the day complete!!

Stay tuned for the next episode in a few days where they learn to foil board!!
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Mon 19th Apr, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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