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The head rattling pursuit of the double backflip with Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

“This was my first day intentionally attempting the double backflip. I’ve most definitely had a few big backflips on the wingfoil over the past few years where I’ve over-rotated and imagined the possibility of the double- But seeing my friend, Titouan Galea, and fellow Waterman execute a double backflip here on Maui a few weeks ago It inspired me to go 110% at it.

It was a short, maybe 45 minutes to an hour session, and every single jump, I went for either a stalled backflip or double backflip, but the next session, I’ll be stomping this double backflip! Stay tuned!

Equipment: Starboard AiRush Freewing 3m AIR V2 with AK Durable Supply Co. 80 cm mast 850 cm front foil wing Along with 44’3” AK Durable Supply Co. PHAZER.

Sun 10th Oct, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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