Freedom Foil Boards Techno

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Freedom Foil Boards Techno

Improving speed and performance for experienced riders, North’s new Sonar HA850/HA1050 Front Wings and S208 Stabilizer are available to install now!

Engineered for the highest speed and efficiency possible across a range of disciplines, with the new North HA Series, you need minimal pump and power to generate glide. Boasting excellent lift at high speed: The smaller HA550 to HA1050 have less planing surface and higher stall speed. They are designed to create maximum efficiency and lift for high-speed wing foiling, racing, tow-in surf, and kite foiling. The medium-sized HA850 to HA1250 is your core wing-foiling and prone sizes.

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Sun 6th Nov, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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