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Sky Rama is testing out Armstrong Foils’ new MA 1000 foil – his new favourite all-around surf wing from the lineup!

It turns very tight for a wing span of 85cm and feels this foil shines when laying it in turns. I have been dreaming of this into being 3 years ago. They call it mid aspect, which it is, but its really a hybrid blending the best genetics of the past designs and HA

Thin is in! The speed is similar to the HA, with the leading edge being sharper the HA series. When winging this foil it’s as fast as HA 925 and much more stable in rail-to-rail turns. Like the HA foils you will want to ride these fast, it does have a thin profile so its not meant for super low speeds. You may shim your tail to your liking to help dial your preferences.

Pumping takes a different cadence like any new foil set up it takes time to tune into the new rhythm and frequency. when I exit the wave, speed is of the utmost importance to get ya where you want to go, a high and dry mast is well rewarded while keeping speed in your pump. If your mast is off balance in tracks you will stall easier, fine tune your sweet spot in the mast position and dont force feed your lead foot, tune into the wings frequency.

I am still moving my mast around to know all nuances and characteristics.

Surfing this wing is where it really shines as you can get pretty loose,as you will see in this video. It rolls really nice paired with new HP mast 795 and no delay detected. If it feels tracky then keep moving mast position till it feels good like any set up.

Winging this is a pleasure with great speeds and rail to rail response, this foil is a one quiver killer, if I had to choose just one wing this would be my personal choice as of now. More on the 800 later.

Riding Armstrong 40 27L x ma 1000 x 50f x 212cm stab x HP 795 mast x no shim

Wed 1st Mar, 2023 @ 6:30 pm

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