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1 week ago

Sky Rama shares his first run on the new Armstrong Foil MA 1225; his new favourite big wing span foil comes in at 93.5 cm…

4 weeks ago

Sky Rama is testing out Armstrong Foils' new MA 1000 foil - his new favourite all-around surf wing from the lineup! It turns very tight…

6 months ago

Sky Rama's greatest joy is searching for elusive emeralds in the Indian Ocean alone! With so many disciplines in this new amazing sport, nothing will…

9 months ago

Sky Rama scored an insane down wavers in the bluest butter he has ever experienced - Each run is 3 to 6 min long! Down…

10 months ago

The all-new Armstrong Foils V2 1200 CF foil wing is fun and stable; it's very playful in the surf, coming in at around 74.5 cm…

1 year ago

Armstrong Foils Sky Rama prone foiling on the HA725 in Maui!

1 year ago

Join Armstrong Foil's Sky Rama in this cinematic Hydrofoil journey through Hawaiian waters! Shot by @laspeed all in one day, edited and directed by @sky.rama…

1 year ago

Join Sky Rama for a few runs on the 725 HA Armstrong blade. Anyone else craving a ride right now?