Tonic Mag Hoody and T-Shirt

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Tonic Mag Hoody and T-Shirt

Check out North Foil’s Sonar Surf Front Wings. Where effortless pumping and surf-style carving meet!

When it comes to prone surf foiling and winging in the swell, choosing a wing that provides the required lift at low speed and gives you time to paddle into waves and gets to your feet is essential.

The North Foil Design Team has focused on finding the balance between lift and drag, so you can get up on foil earlier and glide for longer, at slower speeds.

The SF is an easy-to-control foil that excels in the lower end of the speed range, letting you focus on the wave rather than the challenge of staying on the foil.

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Fri 12th May, 2023 @ 3:30 pm

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