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Fresh from some incredible swells that caused the ‘wedding cake island’ break off the coast of Sydney to fire, Jeremy joins The Generic Foiling Podcast for a catch-up to reminisce about those days and discuss the future of big wave foiling, as well as the gear required to push the sport forward – TUNE IN!

Always great to catch up with Jeremy and hear what it’s like foiling these monsters he keeps finding. Jeremy also managed to not balls up the audio on his side this time, so hopefully, it sounds better – and Liam thinks he’s mastering the audio quality a bit more on this one too. If anyone got any feedback on that, let us know! Hope everyone’s been getting frothed – you will be after this!

Check out his socials if you haven’t already to see some pics, and look out for more footage coming soon. @oceanpixels

Tue 30th May, 2023 @ 12:30 pm

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