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Tonic Mag Hoody and T-Shirt

The Armstrong Foils Downwind Performance foil range is crafted to tackle the raw energy of deepwater offshore swells and enhance your downwind experience. As part of the new Armstrong Performance Series, the Downwind Performance range is purpose-built to race in the SUP downwind division across Hawaii’s interisland channels. Team rider Oskar Johansson has already proven the range’s mettle by clinching a podium finish at the Molokai2Oahu World Championship.

The DW Performance range is custom-tailored for experienced SUP downwind riders seeking an unparalleled sense of liberation on open waters!

Access Ultimate Speed

The product of cutting-edge hydrodynamics and foil technology.

  • Project development began with collecting waveform and real-world riding data from Hawaii’s interisland channels to set specific design parameters.
  • Leading fluid dynamics (CFD) resources helped optimise a foil shape with extreme top-end glide with accessible low-end flight speeds for race starts in milder conditions.
  • The result is remarkably stable at high velocities

“These foils have a speed range like nothing else I have ridden. They have a low enough stall speed for getting on foil, but an incredibly high top-end allows you to ride the fast-open ocean swells. The foils also have a very neutral front and back foot pressure that change with different speeds, giving a comfortable feel at high speeds.”-Oskar Johansson, Armstrong team rider and 2023 Molokai2Oahu 2nd place finisher.

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Wed 25th Oct, 2023 @ 6:10 pm

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