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5 months ago

Watch the whole crew including Olivia Jenkins, Jesse Richman, Kai Lenny and others ripping it at Jaws last weekend!

8 months ago

Tucker McGrath pumping around wingfoilers testing out his new GoFoil RS1000 with the 14.5 short fixed red tail on his own built board. Will he…

9 months ago

The new GoFoil GT2200 looks like a pumping machine. Check the video to see John Akerman pump around his local spot with minimal effort. See…

10 months ago

One of the hardest things you can do on a foil is paddle up in flat water. Watch as Tomoko Okazaki gets it done in…

10 months ago

Have you tried pump foiling and dock starting? This maybe the video and the team that inspires you to go give it a go. It…

11 months ago

You know its windy when your on a 2.7m wing but in this video Karla Aguera makes the breezy conditions look like any other day.…

11 months ago

You know you got skills when you can step out of the car fully clothed and dock start, pump out a quick circle and then…

11 months ago

Pumping out from the rocks at The Gorge, Austin Kalama making it look relatively easy to get going and keep it going on particularly light…

11 months ago

Downwinders are one of the best bits of winging that coupled with a huge array of foils suit able for even the smallest wind blown…