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2 years ago

Check out all the AppWorld Tour Day 1 highlights from Barbados!

5 years ago

Check out the official full length highlights video featuring all the action from the Dragon World Championships 2017, in Barbados.

5 years ago

Barbados is a truly outstanding place to SUP. Perfect waves and hot weather, you just can't go wrong with that! Take a look at this…

5 years ago

Barbados has got to have some of the best SUP waves in the world. It's warm, consistent and beautiful, whats not to like? Check out…

5 years ago

Sign us up! We want to go on a downwinder in Barbados, mind you who wouldn't want to go and paddle in Barbados! Paddle Barbados arranges…

5 years ago

Alexis Deniel is a BIC ambassador and it's pretty clear why. Some slick longboarding and super aggressive SUP shredding here. Little bit gratuitous with the…