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6 days ago

Some recent Downwind action with Jeremy Riggs getting some #gopro action of Dave Kalama . Great conditions with sunny skies and big bumps! It's uncrowded…

1 month ago

It's always good when you get the GoFoil crew together for a session! Watch Dave Kalama, Austin Kalama, Chris Pagdilao, Alex Aguera, and Archie Kalepa…

3 months ago

Dave Kalama ripping around on this Carvin' 360!

1 year ago

Dave and Austin Kalama on an epic Tow Foil Day on Maui, which Alex Aguera filmed from the boat. The footage came out so shaky,…

3 years ago

The Go Foil Gang hits the waves! This video is about some of The Go Foil Gang Foiling to Music by Awolnation song Passion. Film…

3 years ago

This trailer is AWESOME! What's even better is that the film will be free for a week in October on Red Bull TV. Kai Lenny…

4 years ago

Yes Dave. This guy has taken our sport from something slightly weird and playful on a small surf day to one of the biggest watersports…

4 years ago

Mr Kalama of Imagine surf talking you through the most important stage of your paddle stroke. Watch it, he probably knows more than you...

4 years ago

Dave Kalama talking us through the options available to us when looking at buying new or used SUP boards. He uses Imagine boards to guide…