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2 months ago

21 legends filming early Jaws - some B-roll never seen before!

1 year ago

Trailer For From What I Sea. Dave Kalama, legendary big wave pioneer, recounts the many lessons the Sea has taught him. Footage from the late...

3 years ago

Sit back and enjoy a few minutes of downwind foiling with Kalama Performance in Rufus Oregon. Nothing else is need in the video just some...

3 years ago

Pumping out from the rocks at The Gorge, Austin Kalama making it look relatively easy to get going and keep it going on particularly light...

3 years ago

All the action on the water last weekend with Gofoil. This downwinder looks like it was enjoyed by everyone from some young rippers through to...

3 years ago

Does this look like Fun to you? Downwind paddle foiling is hard to get good at ... as you need to be able to paddle...

3 years ago

Dave Kalama & Tomo Murabayashi out tow foiling & making it look easy. Here's what Tomo had to say: Dave and I out towing around...

3 years ago

The Maui SUP foil downwinders look simply stunning. Hands up if you'd like to do one one day! Dave Kalama Foil Tomo GoFoil DownWind foil...

3 years ago

9.5 miles of big ocean foiling. Doesn't get much better than that. @davekalama and @foiltomo @gofoil DownWind Foiling!! 9.5 miles Non stop Glide @gofoil NL190...