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2 years ago

Ever heard of 'Shore Runners'? Mike Pedigo & Eric Antonson regularly get 10 minute plus flights as they surf downwind connecting waves in Florida! Who…

6 years ago

Massive claims here from Bote, yes that is a massive lump hammer smacking one of their new boards!!!! They look pretty nice too!

6 years ago

If you needed anymore proof that Bote define SUP rock and roll life, this guy is it. He's their staff photographer, but also has shot…

6 years ago

The Bote boys living the American dream is what they are all about. The real American dream, not the shop bought one!In their words: Balancing…

6 years ago

Pretty rad idea... buy a board get a free super rad cooler!!!In their words: This Black Friday Weekend, BOTE is thinking Outside the Box and…

6 years ago

To many, yoga is a form of exercising. To others, yoga is a lifestyle filled with morals to live by on a day-to-day basis. In…