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1 week ago

Just in case you missed it, check out the Surf-Freestyle Finals for Day 6 in New Zealand right here! The competition site was moved again…

2 weeks ago

Last weekend, to our knowledge, the first-ever surf foil contest to take place in Europe was held in Penfoul, Brittany, France. It was put on…

1 month ago

In this tech talk, Freedom Foil Boards’ Chris Sayer talks us through the Whip 2023 board. The all new 2023 Whip is built to Boost.…

1 month ago

Tom Court heads out with Cameron to do some step-off surfing on the jet skis, followed by a dreamy tow-foiling session!

2 months ago

In this tech talk, Freedom Foil Boards' Chris Sayer talks us through the Wingnut 2023 Board. The Wingnut is designed to help you get up…

2 months ago

What size board should you get if you want to get into surf foiling? Find out here!

2 months ago

The foiling progression compelled the desire to engineer a true high-performance foilboard. Every curve and corner has been purposefully designed to maximise speed and minimise…

2 months ago

Hydro foiling through the Caribbean sunshine feels like a long way from UK's winter waters! What a way to kick off the new year -…

2 months ago

Freedom Foil Board's Techno is designed for foil surfing at all ability levels. The forward volume and thickness of the Techno greatly assist the beginner…