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6 months ago

Alex Aguera making it look way too easy, as usual!

8 months ago

Dave and Austin Kalama on an epic Tow Foil Day on Maui, which Alex Aguera filmed from the boat. The footage came out so shaky,…

3 years ago

Check out this teaser of Sunova Action Video Part 1, James Casey in Around the World! Follow Jimmy in his adventure to foil the most…

3 years ago

The Go Foil Gang hits the waves! This video is about some of The Go Foil Gang Foiling to Music by Awolnation song Passion. Film…

3 years ago

Not the most stable footage but that Starboard Hypernut Foil looks good! Bit of downwind paddle cam foiling footage to start your week. STARBOARD SUP…

3 years ago

TJ's first foiling run on the Go Foil Maliko 200, with 20% more area for lift, caught on film. Small swells? No problem! More on…

3 years ago

Konrad Bright and Jamie Mitchell sent us this awesome video of a tow in foiling session on the North Shore of Oahu. They are getting…

3 years ago

Check out this in depth review of the GoFoil Kai Surf/Sup Foil. Gunnar Biniasch who films these reviews in Fuerteventura certainly knows his stuff. #foil…

3 years ago

Essential advice for anyone who's damaged a foil, definitely worth a look if you need to repair yours! Had some time at home, so took…