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3 years ago

In this second episode of the Hala Daze Tour web series, Paul Clark and Zach Collier travel to eastern Oregon to paddle the Imnaha and…

3 years ago

Hala paddle boards are built for adventure Whether you are running whitewater, surfing, traveling, or just enjoying the moment! Check them out... Photography by Paul…

3 years ago

Running rivers and dropping falls - I bet you're expecting a crash reel... you might be right! In this episode of the Hala Daze Tour,…

3 years ago

That looks SICK! But how are they not wearing gloves!? Brrrr..... Hala paddlers Nadia Almuti, Alex Garhart, Paul Clark and friends enjoy some nice winter…

3 years ago

New Zealand would be a TOP choice for me for a SUP adventure! Check it out - the crash at 1:48 is brilliant! Hala riders…

3 years ago

SUPing down the Soča River in Slovenia looks like a serious adventure! Check it out!

3 years ago

What happens next...? Takes some serious skill to SUP down white water like this! Long a destination for whitewater enthusiasts and fishermen, the Wild and…

3 years ago

A 3-year warranty. A must-see Stompbox fin system. And an electric pump that's included. There's a lot to love about Hala's inflatable paddle boards. The…

4 years ago

Join Davide Sartoni for another mellow cruise through the everglades as he paddles around Marianna in Florida, as long as you don't get taken by…