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2 years ago

Kai Lenny just never stops! Surfing windy and sketchy Jaws that forced me to use all of my skills to make the drops. @GoPro #GoPro

3 years ago

Big waves, big wipe outs and the best seats in the house... Turtle Bay was always one of the best places to wrap up your…

3 years ago

Watch Kai Lenny testing new BIG wave foils - training on his shortboard and working on his flips with straps. Its only the beginning of…

3 years ago

Kai Lenny heads out on a mission to the other side of the island to search of surf then heads back to the North Shore and…

3 years ago

4 sports in one day! After a long summer and flat summer, the waves have returned for Kai Lenny! Not the biggest ever, but enough…

3 years ago

Ridge never thought he would want to get into big wave surfing until he followed his older brother and tricked him into charging a few.…

3 years ago

Kai Lenny and Lucas Chumbo signalled to the world at the Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge that the limits have yet to be reached in big…

3 years ago

Watch Kai Lenny's Lifes Good Campaign, a global initiative that seeks to elevate diverse youthful voices that are living and sharing inspiring lifestyles.

3 years ago

Frontside, backside 360's on the surf foil. Riding on the south shore of Maui in 'perfect conditions'. Kai Lenny talks about the gear he uses…