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2 days ago

Wingfoiling is now officially a sport. Its featured in the teaser video for the coming GoPro 10. Although theres no confirmed details as of yet…

2 weeks ago

Oahu and Kai Lenny make for some good watching. Kai takes us on his trip to meet up with some of the next generation of…

4 months ago

This isn’t your typical highlight reel: utilising a compelling mix of slow-motion footage, on-wave graphics and insightful commentary, every element of the ride is sequentially…

4 months ago

Kai Lenny flew down to Waco, Texas to go surfing believe it or not. In the woods there is a wave pool that has a…

5 months ago

Wake foiling backflips without the tow rope! Kai Lenny has done it again. Outrageous! Going down the river Wakeboarding, Foiling & Surfing in Austin Texas!!…

6 months ago

Check out this edit of Kai Lenny getting his barrel fix & catching it all on GoPro! Slowing it down to appreciate breathing under water…

6 months ago

Kai Lenny surviving a full day at Mavericks from dawn til dusk! Between every good ride is a brutal beat down... @GoPro

7 months ago

Kai Lenny's winter at Jaws. Thanks to GoPro HERO9 Black, you get to witness Mother Nature's raw power from the comfort of your couch. Check…

7 months ago

Kai Lenny just never stops! Surfing windy and sketchy Jaws that forced me to use all of my skills to make the drops. @GoPro #GoPro