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4 months ago

We're taking you back to 2015 in this one! Undeterred by the piercing cold, wild man Ken Hoeve spent his fair share of time in…

6 months ago

Join the Smith Brothers on a journey through faraway outer islands of Indonesia, as they chase perfect waves, get some gnarly reef cuts, and meet…

7 months ago

Watch as Jonny and surfing legend, Rob Machado go foilboarding off the coast of San Diego, California. “It’s like flying an underwater airplane,” says their…

2 years ago

Kai Lenny and Ian Gentil are foiling into the summer like... Filmed & Edited by: Christian Pacifico

2 years ago

Woah! That's dedication right there! Watch A Life in Proximity take winter surfing to a new level! Subscribe: Rob Machado, Craig Anderson and the rest…

3 years ago

Watch this if you want to start your morning with a smile! It's so good to see the kids getting involved at such a young…

3 years ago

Watch a glimples of A Life in Proximity 8 episodes and the 8 best surfers around the globe, what more could one ask for! To…

3 years ago

Watch this stunning documentary by Captain Martin Daly's unchartered, undiscovered waters. In the middle of the lost kingdom of the universe somewhere! - Martin Daly…

3 years ago

Watch this - The trailer on it's on gave me the shivers! TGI Friday, we will most definitely get a surf in this weekend! If…