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10 months ago

Kai Lenny's kicked off big wave season at Jaws with a close call (if you don't know the gory details, check his profile). We're all…

2 years ago

We've got two years worth of brutal Jaws wipeouts this Wednesday! #wipeoutwednesday All Pe'ahi wipeout reel by Dan Norkunas

3 years ago

Its #wipeoutwednesday and we thought we'd show you HOW to wipeout at Jaws! Some of those wipeouts¬†are hilarious! More Jaws Surfing Wipeouts . january 13,…

3 years ago

Ahhh man! check out these MAD wipeouts at Jaws! Jaws Peahi Maui Big Wave Surfing Wipeouts SONY 4K January 13, 2018 surfers carnage 20+ft Waves

3 years ago

Watch this - The trailer on it's on gave me the shivers! TGI Friday, we will most definitely get a surf in this weekend! If…

3 years ago

Kai's waves from the 2017 WSL Peahi Challenge.¬†The guy crashing next to him at 15 seconds is one of the best things you'll see today!…

3 years ago

Yep, you heard that right! Kai Lenny uses a motorized surfboard at world famous big wave break Jaws. He must've ridden every type of board…

3 years ago

Straight up bonkers... I'm scared of the dark and have to sleep with a light on, Mark Visser just seems to go searching for monsters.…

3 years ago

Kai Lenny has to be one of the most talented watermen of our time, he's in a new film featuring a crew of big wave…