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1 week ago

Ben Proffitt looks at board sizes for learning. Having grown out of his first board and lost a bit of motivation, he is now on…

2 weeks ago

F-One oare one of the companies pushing foiling foiling in all disciplines and their latest team member showing that kitefoiling is not just a light…

3 months ago

SUNNY DAYS ARE COMING... Manera have just released their summer range, check it out! At MANERA, we LOVE winter. It’s all about strong winds, good…

4 months ago

Surfing in French Brittany… we’re quite far from the standard surf clichés of the blond-haired guy, sun-tanned skin, wearing boardshorts under the sun. It’s more…

5 months ago

A WOMANERA has for mission to inspire. Inspire a grom to take her first kiteboarding lesson. Inspire a lady to surf her first wave. Join…

5 months ago

Mizo Fernando Novaes has always dreamed of flying above the water. Attracted by the variety offered by the foil, he has a thirst to learn.…

8 months ago

The F-ONE/Manera Sweden crew sharing a session from Fårö, a Baltic island Wingsurfing and surf foiling on the F-one Swing and Phantom foil - Enjoy!

8 months ago

We're still reeling from a fantastic first-ever GWA world tour event. This week, the GWA sat down (virtually of course) with a few of the…

8 months ago

Watch MANERA's latest movie - SEAFARER. No matter what your lifestyle is: in winter, we’re inseparable. Often out of sight but never far away, you’ll…