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4 days ago

Welcome to the Manera team, Justine Dupont! Justine is an energetic waterwoman, both versatile and a specialist. She's the surfer who broke all the records;…

5 days ago

Jacob Victorin's Under the surface - Take a 2 min break, and watch this!  

2 weeks ago

Brendon Gibbens joins the MANERA crew!┬áBrendon became accomplished in professional surfing in a humble and pure manner. With a deep love for South Africa and…

2 months ago

Here's one for the books, so you better get this one on the big screen! 23 years of trying out new things, 18 years of…

3 months ago

Check out the full video about Remi's adventures in Sumatra, Indonesia where he was the first man who surf foiled The Bono wave (or Seven…

2 years ago

Paddleboarder and kitesurfer Paul Serin explain how he was knocked out for a season due to a pretty bad knee injury. He took the hit,…

2 years ago

Sweet edit! May 2018 be filled with fantastic conditions! Wishing you all the best for 2018

2 years ago

This is one of those edits that makes you want to hit the water ALL winter, no matter the weather. Inspiring stuff from Manera. Watch…

2 years ago

This is a high quality production not to be missed. Kiting, surfing and SUPing on a remote Island off the coast of mainland Canada. What…