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2 days ago

The F-ONE/Manera Sweden crew sharing a session from Fårö, a Baltic island Wingsurfing and surf foiling on the F-one Swing and Phantom foil - Enjoy!

6 days ago

We're still reeling from a fantastic first-ever GWA world tour event. This week, the GWA sat down (virtually of course) with a few of the…

1 week ago

Watch MANERA's latest movie - SEAFARER. No matter what your lifestyle is: in winter, we’re inseparable. Often out of sight but never far away, you’ll…

3 weeks ago

The GKA are in Fortaleza for the SuperFoil Brazil event. Day 1 of the competition is done, watch the highlights here!

4 weeks ago

Another banger by the F-ONE crew! Watch Paul Serin et Patrice Chanzy riding in Tahitian paradise with their F-ONE foils, boards and wings. Film: LH…

2 months ago

Just incase you were wondering if you should start wingfoiling or not... you should watch this! Titouan Galea has a way with that wing... and…

2 months ago

Nelson Pinto is a respected Gaucho freesurfer in his country, but also an excellent film producer, shaper and more recently kitesurfer. What qualifies Nelson’s lifestyle…

2 months ago

If you are learning to wingfoil, then you will probably come across the same stumbling blocks as Rob did. So in this video, he shares…

3 months ago

Experience the fit of an innovative 3D pattern making. MANERA use computer design to model good-fitted wetsuits in 3D, then we employ an innovative software…