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3 weeks ago

Tom Constant now spends most of his time in full flight, whether he is on the water or in the air. Local from the South…

4 weeks ago

When a massive swell showed up in the forecast, just in time for the World Surf League's Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge, all eyes were on…

1 month ago

Saturday session on the F-ONE Swing 6'0, Rocket wing 5'0 * 50 litres and Gravity 1800 F-ONE Foil; enjoy the ride!

1 month ago

MANERA was founded so that demanding people can make the most of the time they spend on the water, without getting cold or feeling uncomfortable.…

1 month ago

The 2020 Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge ran in massive waves and provided non-stop action for six hours straight, showcasing the best big wave riders in…

1 month ago

A pure product of Tasmania, Dion creatively develops his surfing skills. A real passionate, he won’t shy away from a 2-feet onshore session, and his…

2 months ago

This is crazy! While there's nothing they can do on land that ultimately compares to handling a wipeout on a 50-foot + wave at Jaws…

2 months ago

MANERA are proud to announce that Matthieu Aguirre, a pure product of the Basque country, enter into Manera team! Equally at ease when surfing, foiling,…

2 months ago

The Gossuin Brothers surf foiling small waves - can you guess the spot? Credits: @gossuinbrothers