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3 days ago

Taking you back to 2012! Sunset has always been the start of the year for the tour and has always been a predictor of who…

4 days ago

Big waves, big wipe outs and the best seats in the house... Turtle Bay was always one of the best places to wrap up your…

5 days ago

Naish's Mana SUP boards are perfect for beginners and heavier riders looking for width and volume. No other board combines wave riding capabilities of the…

1 week ago

The Maliko models have a legacy of being the best 14-foot open ocean and sprint boards around. These award-winning shapes have garnered an endless collection…

2 weeks ago

Join Robby Naish for a ride, windsurfing at Hookipa. Less talk and more action for the start of the winter season... - Robby

2 weeks ago

We dug into the APP archives (previously known as SUWT and SUWS), and we're taking you back to 2015 - watch all the SUP legends,…

3 weeks ago

The APP World Tour is getting ready for a great year in 2021 with exciting new locations and new formats coming out were all getting…

3 weeks ago

Learn how to properly inflate your Wing-Surfer with some tips from Robby Naish. Our Wings are built tough, but require care to protect the bladders…

4 weeks ago

The APP World Tour started in 2018 - Check out this visual timeline of their history, where it all started and know that the future…