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4 months ago

IT'S LIVE! Join the North team for an adventures to remember deep into the Patagonia. Exploring the region's endless beauty while braving the harsh glacial...

5 months ago

Ready for this?! Enjoy 14 days in the Philippines while warm Amihan trades blow constantly side-onshore. Join the North team as they navigate the islands...

6 months ago

As the temperature continues to drop, the stoke among the Santa Tabla crew in Patagonia is on the rise! On the third day, the North...

7 months ago

The North crew including Graham Howes, Nick Jacobsen, Jettbr Badshaw, Fabian Muhmenthaler and Chucho Nonnot, have landed in Patagonia, and the trip is just starting....

1 year ago

Ready for this one? 25 min of non-stop Nick Jacobsen action from Qatar! Is this the most entertaining video you’ve watched this year? Vote now!...

2 years ago

Right, grab a coffee, have a seat; you're in for a treat. 25 min of non-stop Nick Jacobsen action from Qatar!

5 years ago

Towed through glacial canals by electric skateboards, just another road trip for North. Foil anything and anywhere with the fully modular North Sonar Foils. Find...