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4 days ago

Join Olly Brunton as he puts Armstrong Foils Alloy System through the paces! Curious about the versatility and performance of this alloy kit? Dive into...

2 months ago

Quick tips for starting low volume Armstrong foils Wing FG boards and small HA foils. In this clip, Olly Brunton is using the Wing FG...

2 months ago

Quick tips for almost flat water sup foil: Start with small foils as training for downwind foil starts and glides. In this video, Olly Brunton...

2 months ago

Olly Brunton compares the new Armstrong foils downwind performance boards with the V1 downwind boards. This may be helpful for anyone who has a V1...

3 months ago

Join Olly Brunton as he shares a clever hack for quickly packing your foil kit for easy transport!

4 months ago

Olly Brunton spent a couple of weeks abroad chasing some downwind conditions and scored. He took Armstrong Foils' new HA880 as the daily driver for...

5 months ago

Olly Brunton has released a review of the Armstrong Foils HA680 for foil surfing. The HA range has been updated and smaller sizes will be...

6 months ago

In Olly Brunton latest review, he takes a look at Armstrong foils Wing FG 40L wing foil board - Check it out! I wasn't sure if...

8 months ago

Olly Brunton just released Part 2 : Expanding on the basics of Stabiliser shimming for Armstrong foils, with the Polycarbonate Red and Blue shims that...