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5 days ago

Are you ready for this?! Filmmakers Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry follow the Icelandic duo, photographer Elli Thor Magnusson and pro surfer Heidar Logi, into…

1 week ago

In this special Sessions edit, Lucas Chumbo Chianca, Pedro Scooby Vianna and Justine Dupont each discuss their biggest moments from early-season Nazaré. For Chumbo, it…

2 weeks ago

In 2019, Red Bull Surfing circled the planet many times over, chasing the best surfers and the best waves to bring you some of the…

3 weeks ago

Surfer Matt Poole takes part in The Waterman: an all-round ocean-based competition in Tahiti, French Polynesia. At Teahupo'o, one of the craziest waves in the…

1 month ago

This is incredible! Western Australia is rich in resources, and to local surfers, the most valuable of them is found where the desert meets the…

1 month ago

Years and years of #wipeouts compiled into 6 epic minutes! Enjoy! #WipeoutWednesdays

2 months ago

Get this one on the big screen! Australian slab addict Andrew Mooney decided that, for his birthday, he'd take a little different kind of surf…

2 months ago

Andrew Cotton just dropped E08S2 of 'Bounce Back!'  This week, the waves slowed down, but only for a couple of days and they managed to…

2 months ago

Kai Lenny's kicked off big wave season at Jaws with a close call (if you don't know the gory details, check his profile). We're all…