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2 months ago

Surfers should wear helmets. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

3 months ago

While the big-wave “game” may be evolving at a breakneck pace, Kai Lenny continues to push his limits to perform at his highest level consistently....

6 months ago

While most are familiar with what a big wave and small wave quiver looks like, have you ever wondered what type of foil is used...

6 months ago

When Kai Lenny posts a video, 'Foil Surfing a Cargo Ship Wave under the Golden Gate Bridge', you know it'll be worth watching! The day...

8 months ago

Kai Lenny foilsurfing his dream wave! One of the best foil waves I have ridden for performance Foiling. From top to bottom on the reef...

9 months ago

Kai Lenny and Caleb's day of surfing turns into an unforgettable fishing adventure in Fiji! With E-Foils and a hand line, they set out to...

9 months ago

This is pretty insane - Watch Kai Lenny Stand Up Paddling Pe'ahi aka Jaws on the North Shore of Maui from the 2014 SUP Movie.

10 months ago

Kai Lenny works with the pioneers of foiling to push the limits of what the hydrofoil can do on water in the latest episode of...

10 months ago

Stay tuned as Kai Lenny and Ozone's FUSION development wing embark on an exciting experiment that will revolutionise the sport - featuring a double skin...