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2 days ago

Red Bull have put together their best surfing moments of 2020 and it makes for a jaw dropping edit! From Justine Dupont, Kai Lenny, Lucas…

1 week ago

Kai Lenny has just released this footage of the Jaws Challenge in 2017. First clip he gets caught inside, next clip features this incredibly close…

1 week ago

Kai's big wave antics continue in Nazaré when he's invited to compete in the Gigantes de Nazaré competition. Watch as Kai and Lucas Chumbo Chianca…

2 weeks ago

Mavericks when the conditions are ruthless. Bumpy giant waves mean scary wipeouts and memorable rides. @GoPro #GoPro

3 weeks ago

Kai Lenny's first big wave competition win! The Puerto Escondido Challenge 2017 @GoPro #GoPro

4 weeks ago

Get front row POV seats as Kai Lenny surfs monster waves at Mavericks. We love seeing footage like this! Shot on my @GoPro HERO 9…

1 month ago

Watch as Kai transitions from groveling in small waves in China to attempting to foil the mountainous peaks of Portugal's Nazaré. Life of Kai, a…

1 month ago

Kai Lenny's GoPro is about as close as 99.9% of us are ever going to be to actually experiencing being caught inside Jaws. Wow! From…

1 month ago

From a black eye at Mavericks to the North Shore for perfect waves. This place is called the 7 mile miracle for a reason! Film:…