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4 days ago

For the first few days after she awoke from her coma, Dani Burt didn't know her right leg, from just above the knee down, was…

2 weeks ago

Watch as Jonny and surfing legend, Rob Machado go foilboarding off the coast of San Diego, California. “It’s like flying an underwater airplane,” says their…

4 weeks ago

The best SUP Racers in the world returned to San Francisco after a cancellation in 2018 due to unfavourable weather conditions.. This year, they faced…

2 months ago

Waves for Change is improving the mental health of young adults in South Africa by teaching them how to surf. The Fabled West Coast of…

2 months ago

The best SUP Racers in the world is getting ready for the heaviest race out there. Join them this year as they face their fears…

1 year ago

Big waves and bigger fish steal the show as sharks force the cancellation of the final event of the Australian leg. Join us backstage for…

2 years ago

Casper Steinfath shares his thoughts about the APP World Tour; bridging connections between major cities and reuniting SUP racers of all levels worldwide. Best of…

2 years ago

This WILL give you goosebumps! Casper Steinfath accomplished his Break Boundaries mission ‘Viking Crossing 2.0’ and became the first person in the world to paddle…

2 years ago

This will give you shivers! Jon Mozo passed away while shooting photos in the water at Pipeline — he was 33 years old. Amber was…


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