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1 year ago

READY FOR THIS ONE?! Kai Lenny resorts back to literal horsepower! (No Horses were harmed in the making of this video) These creatures are incredibly...

1 year ago

When Kai Lenny hit the rocks of Uluwatu, his trusty foil board met its untimely end. But, thanks to his pal Tom and some gear...

1 year ago

Anyone missing winter yet?!

1 year ago

Join Kai Lenny for a few sessions of alternative riding... Bouncing between his SUP Surfboard and strapped board at different spots in Uluwatu!

1 year ago

For this week's #ThrowbackThursday we're watching 'This is Wing Surfing' by Kai Lenny!

1 year ago

Big Wave Surfing has consequences; sometimes, you can't outrun the monster waves, and your Jet Ski gets destroyed on the rocks. Fortunately, there are amazing...

1 year ago

Life of Kai is back! Kai Lenny continues to redefine what is possible on the world's biggest waves, pushing himself to become the most progressive...

1 year ago

Irish charger Conor Maguire and crew seem to be enjoying some home break craziness at Mullaghmore! Filmed by Clem Mcinerney

2 years ago

The waves weren't huge, but they were perfect. No wind and an abundance of sets - Watch Kai Lenny take on Jaws! Music: Glory And...