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2 weeks ago

Remaining at the forefront of progression and development, Naish's new Hover Wing Foil Bullet is designed for riders who want to go as fast as…

1 month ago

Introducing the newest board to Naish's foil lineup, the Hover Wing Foil Compact LE wing foil board. 15% shorter than their original Hover Wing Foil…

2 months ago

Tim Walsh skips school to foil surf on Oahu. His partner in crime, Rio Stevens, showed him the ropes, towed him in and captured the…

2 months ago

JD ‘FollowCam’ joins Robby Naish, Julia and Sirena for a fun session at Kanaha Beach, Maui!

5 months ago

Take the Wingsurfer Matador and makes it even leaner and meaner... and you've got Naish's Matador LT! Although the Matador LT has the same outline,…

6 months ago

There's no doubt that this wing ticks all the boxes in terms of performance, features, and range; the future of winging is here with the…

6 months ago

With zero compromises on performance, Naish's Hover Inflatable is your new wing-foiling or SUP foiling go-to! You need to check this out! We have equipped…

7 months ago

Naish's Hover Wing Foil Carbon Ultra boards are now available in a limited edition version featuring Naish’s iconic skull logo. With zero compromises in performance,…

7 months ago

The Hover Wing Foil Alana Carbon Ultra is Naish's latest board with a graphic that will help you stand out in the crowd! The Hover…