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5 years ago

The Battle Of the Paddle is one of the biggest SUP races in the world. One could describe the event as carnage from the word…

6 years ago

How awesome is this? Kai Lenny gives you the lowdown on the Molokai Crossing and explains what it is like to paddle across 32 miles…

6 years ago

Do fins make much of a difference in a race? Dunno... I could shed a few pounds and that might help more, but when it's…

6 years ago

Professional SUP racer Ryan JamesĀ  looks at heart rate training and structuring your training programme - How to gain speed using different' gears' of effort.

6 years ago

Pretty decent looking bit of pre-season race training here. Worth throwing this into the mix in your next race paddle session to mix it up…

6 years ago

SUPfit and Ryan James get together again on another really exciting and useful video. This time they are looking at stroke rate and increasing it…

6 years ago

This event looks so good. Such a great concept, would love to see it in Europe some time... The Ultimate Waterman heads into the deep…

6 years ago

Professional SUP racer Ryan James shares his knowledge and experience in a series of tips and tricks to help you get gain speed and strength,…

6 years ago

Here's a nice little 60-second escape with a powerful reminder: Your next session isn't this spring, or summer. It's right now, with the right gear!sta