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6 years ago

Magical SUP adventure touring in this edit, wild camping, self-sustainability, and an experience you will never, ever forget! Join Thomas Oschwald as he takes a…

7 years ago

Anyone who paddles in Hong Kong read this? looks like a pretty cool place for a SUP adventure! The Blue Planet boys checking it out…

7 years ago

This looks like such a great piece of software. I'm sure many of you paddle, run, surf or cycle on your own, only to be…

7 years ago

A little look back at 2017 with Algarve SUP, some awesome looking trips and SUP options on offer... including proposals in a cave!

7 years ago

It's not as cold as it could be where you are paddling... Thomas Oschwald explaining some of the gear choices behind his expedition... Brrrr.

7 years ago

This is a mental looking tool. Love the functionality of it... I'm going to let Bote explain this bad boy in their own words: The…

7 years ago

Boardworks 2016 look back at some of their gear and what thir people got up to...

7 years ago

WASSUP?... I guess the answer would be this one. A board to surf, sail, cruise, fish, pose, train. What SUP? This looks like a good…

7 years ago

Hala SUP's founder Peter Hall talks through the intentions of an 'inland' SUP company, and their ethos. Initially aiming for the whitewater market, they are…