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7 months ago

This Maui crew always get us stoked for a session!

7 months ago

Last weekend, to our knowledge, the first-ever surf foil contest to take place in Europe was held in Penfoul, Brittany, France. It was put on…

7 months ago

The Maui team always seems to be out on the water scoring the best sessions!

8 months ago

In February 2023, a group of voyagers challenge themselves to take on epic downwind runs during a week of prime Oahu conditions. Hundreds of runs…

9 months ago

Takuma's Nicole Boronat & Stephane Etienne go wingfoiling with the TANJI, the CK 50, and the Kujira 750 on a nice Macaronesian swell...

10 months ago

Are you ready for this one?! Takuma are beyond stoked to be sharing this footage with our community. Last summer, they took the opportunity to…

11 months ago

The Maui groms!

11 months ago

Taking off on the Carver 2 can be challenging, so here are a few tips and tricks from Takuma to make your session go smoother…

11 months ago

La Ventana delivering the goods, and Charles Saint-Pierre enjoying every second of it!