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4 days ago

Foil Tomo GoFoil SUP FOIL weekend session!

2 years ago

Join Team Starboard SUP downwind foiling session!

3 years ago

Drone shots and foiling surfers. We love watching clips like this. Check out this one from GoFoil. GOFOIL KAI Foil

3 years ago

This Starboard & GoFoil combination looks ideal! Perhaps the perfect way to get you downwind SUP foiling! STARBOARD SUP HYPERNUT FOIL GOFOIL MALIKO Foil

3 years ago

Not the most stable footage but that Starboard Hypernut Foil looks good! Bit of downwind paddle cam foiling footage to start your week. STARBOARD SUP…

3 years ago

Well that's one way to get foiling on flat water! Looks like hard work mind...

3 years ago

Tomo Murabyashi has been improving his SUP foil skills and we are pleased to sign his report card with an excellent, good work, impressive stuff,…

3 years ago

Airs on a SUP foil... Future or fad? And what do you think about the foothooks, how long before we see rodeo flips on these…

3 years ago

It will probably never cease to amaze me just how good these foils are making crappy conditions look, I'd probably not even bother to paddle…