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8 months ago

It's ON! Tune into the action live, right here!

9 months ago

This week, the spotlights on Armstrong Foils Cash Berzolla! Watch Rider Diaries Episode 1 NOW!

9 months ago

Early mornings with Bowien on the Wingfoil World Tour!

9 months ago

Just in case you missed yesterday's action, you can re live it here! Finely poised contests for wave world championship crowns to be decided at...

9 months ago

Cash Berzolla kicking things off in Dakhla!

9 months ago

The GWA Wingfoil World Tour welcomed a new addition to its calendar this year - the wave discipline. The tour scheduled three stops, with two...

9 months ago

Nia Suardiaz scores double gold in Denmark, while Malo Guénolé takes the top spot in Surf-Freestyle. And let's not forget Francesco Cappuzzo's FreeFly-Slalom victory, pushing...