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4 months ago

Kai Lenny shares a day and ride, he'll will never forget! Nominated for the WSL Big Wave Awards Ride of the Year - watch this!

6 months ago

Filipe Toledo's insane first wave of the day at the Surf Ranch before the WSL event. Early morning mist on the water combined with Filipe's…

3 years ago

Well done Jeremy Flores!! Winning the Pipe Masters once is a competitive surfers dream…to win it twice is legendary. Congratulations Jeremy Flores, winner of the…

3 years ago

The 11-year-old godson of Kelly Slater, and Shane Dorian's son, gets his turn at the Surf Ranch. If you didn't catch this, you need to…

3 years ago

Kai's waves from the 2017 WSL Peahi Challenge. The guy crashing next to him at 15 seconds is one of the best things you'll see today!…

3 years ago

This is EPIC! One Small Step for Surfers...One Giant Leap for Surfing. Tuesday's first test event at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California, proved to…

4 years ago

Simply ridiculous, a better barrel you might not see all year, certainly in competition! Sebastian Zietz was in Round One Heat 12 at the Drug…