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6 years ago

Filmed in stunning Barbados, 'Why We Surf' embodies what it means to be a surfer, and was produced to coincide with the launch of BIC…

6 years ago

Federico Benettolo, the Italian SUP wave champion 2015 and team rider for Bicsport/Oxbowsup sup surfing in Famara, Lanzarote. Gorgeous drone shots by Riccardo/Federico Benettolo with…

6 years ago

Anna Levesque explains how to stand on a stand up paddleboard. In this SUP 101 techniques video, Anna goes over the importance of a neutral…

6 years ago

In this video, SUP TV discuss some extra safety tips to boost your confidence while on the water stand up paddling. Make sure you take…

6 years ago

Barbados has got to have some of the best SUP waves in the world. It's warm, consistent and beautiful, whats not to like? Check out…

6 years ago

Bri Andrassy shares some tips on how to get started stand up paddle fishing. In SUP fishing 101, Bri covers some of her favorite set…

6 years ago

To be honest, we never thought we'd see a 'How to load your SUP' video. But to be fair the last thing you want is…

6 years ago

A video that takes a deeper look at how stand up paddling offers so many different things to people. Great to see. Sponsored by: The…

6 years ago

Holy high-intensity interval training Batman! I've nearly had a coronary just watching this, OK just because you can, does it mean you should? Eric Terrien…

6 years ago

This looks pretty ridiculous but we guess it was inevitable! The first SUP race foil is here, where if you are fit enough you can…

6 years ago

Check out this great edit featuring all the waves from the NSW State Stand Up Paddle Open Men's Surf final. It was a four-man shootout…

7 years ago

There are a few brands who are actively seeking a more sustainable future, Bic Sport are one of them, take a look at their Earth…

Issue 5

Laurent Nevarez and friends head over to the Philippine island of Siargao and discover an untouched paradise of hidden gems with endless rights and lefts in abundance!

6 years ago
6 years ago

The TAHE brand is the result of the fusion of BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors, two companies that have been legends in their respective water sports markets for decades.

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