Blue Planet Surf

Blue Planet Surf


11 months ago

Watch this 5 min session riding from one line up to another and avoiding the crowds enjoying some dream like conditions. This rider defintly knows…

12 months ago

The aerial upwind 360 seems to be the first trick people try after getting comfortable jumping. Whilst ts a pretty easy trick to attempt its…

1 year ago

This video has loads of tops on tuning your Armstrong kit.This is for those looking to make their foil more reactive and efficient but its…

1 year ago

Join Robert Stehlik as he interviews with the the current Wing Foil World Champ, Titouan Galea. Learn more about the man who is one of…

1 year ago

Paddling long distances on a Stand Up Paddleboard is a challenge. In this video Blue Planet talks about long distance racing, training, equipment, safety, preparation,…

1 year ago

We're big fans of 'Blue Planet's' wing videos. Long edits with great angles & lots of chat about technique and what they learnt along the…

1 year ago

This video goes in depth on: choosing the right board, where to place your foil and feet in relation to the foil, foot placement and…

1 year ago

How to Stand up Paddleboard- getting up on the board for the first time for beginners. This is really worth watching. 1) go out in…

1 year ago

SUP stroke technique is often overlooked. Even if you never do a race improving your technique will see benefits in all other areas of your…

2 years ago

A rescue surf dog made headline news by charging pumped up surf in Honolulu while riding a Blue Planet surfboard. Hawaii News Now featured the…

2 years ago

Take a dream trip with Blue Planet Surf to the outer reaches of Oahu, for a unique glimpse of the Pacific Ocean's magic.

2 years ago

16-year-old Zane Saenz is in his element when the surf is pumping. Using a tiny custom Blue Planet gun-shaped SUP surfboard, he carves up the…


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