Prolimit Wingfoil Session Boardbag

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Prolimit Wingfoil Session Boardbag

How to Stand up Paddleboard- getting up on the board for the first time for beginners. This is really worth watching.

1) go out in calm, protected water with the right gear.
2) stand next to your board in knee deep water
3) place knees on either side of the carry handle (center of board), balance your weight evenly side to side
4) paddle on your knees to find your balance and gain some momentum
5) place paddle in front of knees with hands on the paddle
6) put feet where knees were (practice this on land first)
7) stand up, look forward, and put paddle in the water for stability
8) start paddling and find your balance
9) don’t look down at the board/ water, look forward at the horizon or something that is not moving
10) have fun!

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