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1 year ago

Keahi de Aboitiz enjoying one epic session tow-in foiling on the north shore of Oahu in perfect glassy conditions. There's something special about the glide…

3 years ago

These waves are near perfectection! So smooth, definitely quite a shallow reef though, you'd want to be careful. Hurricane Irma sent some warning pulses and…

4 years ago

WOAH! Video of the week alert, check out Keahi de Aboitiz absolutely ruling the roost in this awesome SUP foiling edit from Australia. Not only…

4 years ago

There are shredders and there are shredders! Keahi de Aboitiz and Moona Whyte absolutely score on this secret mission heading south of Noosa in Australia…

4 years ago

Maximum STOKE! Boards like the Fusion from JP Australia are great for all the family, with excellent surfing characteristics and amazing abilities on flat water…

4 years ago

Check out the JP Surf Slate, one of the original short no nose boards it's designed to generate lots of speed and be super manoeuvrable.…

4 years ago

Bit of everything in here, SUP, Kite, Windsurf. Stunning locational video from NeilPryde showcasing their various wetsuits with a lovely back drop. They sent a…

Issue 1

Keahi is a multi-talented waterman. However, his quest for the World Title has been hampered by injury. We sit down with him to find out what makes him tick and what his plans are now he has almost recovered!

5 years ago

Aesthetically engineered waterwear and accessories from NeilPryde. The thirst for water. The longing for it, insatiable. The image of it, mercurial and hypnotic. A feeling that's no longer satisfied just by drinking it. The oceans have become our most visceral and inspiring playground. Unlimited freedom. Infinite possibilities. Wide open liquid metaphors of self-discovery and reliance. Out there, the thirst is finally satisfied. We know this because, like you, we've always had an obsession for water. We've invested 40 years in finding new ways to improve our relationship with water on every level, so that ultimately we can have more time with it, on it, and in it. The result is a new line of aesthetically engineered water-sports equipment that has earned its respect from water. Waterborne, technical, functional. Developed to enhance the performance and appearance of an increasingly thirsty breed of explorers and adventurers like you, who are not just looking to push the boundaries, but to blur them as well. On water, off water, NP is tested hard on board, kite, paddle, sail, and just as important – street. Because it's only good enough for you, if it's good enough for us first. Whatever your ride, wherever you're riding, keep the thirst alive. NP – waterborne performance. The water recognises its own. Company

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