Check out the JP Surf Slate, one of the original short no nose boards it’s designed to generate lots of speed and be super manoeuvrable. We’ve tested a few of these boards now and in small waves they are so much fun, but they are also exceedingly capable when the swell ramps up too!

The super parallel outline creates unbelievable speed while at the same time provides generous stability. The short boards fit perfectly into short, sloped waves! The double diamond tail allows for instant acceleration – use the extra speed to glide across flat sections of the wave or to hit the lip with full power. The tail releases very easily when busting the fins out. The Surf Slates are more suited to sliding, whippy turns and aerials under a breaking lip rather than traditional surfing consisting of big carves out on the open face. The boards perform perfect in smaller, sloped surf rather than a large steep wall. They all come with a center arch in the pad. A seriously good addition to any quiver. New: the 8’0”x30” in PRO and Wood Edition.


Mon 20th Mar, 2017 @ 2:30 pm

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