It’s coming, the unmistakable tidal wave of SUP foiling seems to be taken over, the riders are getting better and what looked like a fringe sport for a select few seems to be getting the kind of momentum seen at the birth of a truly new sport! Join Rémi Quique for a superb film showcasing everything that SUP foiling is going to be!

Imagine a world where you can ride 365 days a year. A world where even the smallest waves give you enough power to have incredible sensations. SUP FOILING is that world.

“When you SUP Foil, it’s like having nothing beneath your feet.
It’s like being on a magic carpet ” – Rémi QUIQUE –

If you’re looking for a board that rips but also make you fly, look no further.

The 65/1200 hydrofoil is perfect for SUP Foiling.It comes up really easily and gives you incredible sensations while surfing.
SUPFOIL 65/1200 Hybrid:

Mon 20th Mar, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

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