Cabrinha Fusion X-Series MKll 1240 & 1650 2022 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Cabrinha Fusion X-Series MKll 1240 & 1650 2022

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At A Glance

The X-Series is Cabrinha’s all-around foil, designed to be an excellent entry-level foil but cater just as well for experienced riders, particularly in the smaller sizes. For the MKll, Cabrinha has partnered with NTU, a Naval Institution whose technology allowed them a much more detailed R&D to improve the performance characteristics of the wing.

All aspects of the foil are full carbon, the X-Series maintains Cabrinha’s reputation for building high-quality equipment. The foil feels strong and well-made when you get it out of the box and I’m a big fan of the stylish white stripes on the front wing.

The MKll features an upgraded Can Fusion mast. Cabrinha has reduced bolt inserts in the base of the fuse from 3 to 2 and added in a side bolt. This is designed to maintain strength even as the product ages in the years to come. The previous Cab Fusion mast will still work with two bolts, as recommended by Cabrinha. Therefore you can just upgrade the wings & fuse if you wish.

We had the 1650 & 1240 on test this issue, with the original Cab Fusion mast and the V-285 tail. The X-Series MKll does however have a huge range in sizes: 2100, 1650, 1240, 930, & 700cm2. This means that a beginner could buy the 2100 or 1650, and as he or she progresses can size down, right the way to a high-performance 700cm2 wing. This adaptability is great, it ultimately saves money you won’t have to buy complete new setups when you downsize. We’re all for that. Something to note is that I have not ridden the original X-Series wings so I cannot directly compare the two.
& stylish, while the shape looks sleek & fast.

On The Water

I have to admit, after testing the H-Series last issue (which is Cabrinha’s top-end wing), I wasn’t particularly excited about riding the X-Series. However, I was immediately proved wrong! I had some outstanding sessions on both wings, I found it so relaxing to go back to a user-friendly foil where I wasn’t constantly on edge about falling off!

The X-Series MKll is just that - user-friendly. My tacks & gybes were so much more consistent on this wing compared to the H-Series. I rode the 1650 on a pretty light day, it got going quickly in the light breeze and had a super low stall speed. I used the 1240 in moderate wind with some fun little swell lines coming in, this is the session you can see in the embedded video. I was on Cabrinha’s new 44L Link 4’5 & Crosswing V3.

Both foils pumped well, they’re not going to be as efficient as a wing like the H-Series, but they certainly did the job. In my experience, the cadence required is slower, with a fairly big & deep pump being best for me, unless at really high speed. I found myself free-flying the wing and pumping to get onto waves regularly, which was super fun. Once on the wave, the glide was completely effortless and so stable. As you’ll see in the video, at one point I completely dropped my wing and managed to pick it up again whilst gliding down a pretty small wave, I highly doubt that would have happened on a true high-performance foil!

The shorter wing span of the X-Series MKll meant that rail-to-rail turning performance was really good. I could bank right over in my turns without fear of stacking it. Even when the wingtip breached I managed to maintain control. Something that, according to Cabrinha, is a big improvement from the MK1 wings.

Jumping also felt good on this wing, which shows the versatility of the X-Series. The 930 & 700 are recommended to kite foil with too. So with one setup, you can not only do freeride, wave, & freestyle, but also cross disciplines. I didn’t have the opportunity to prone foil the X-Series but with the pumping & glide ability I experienced, I have no doubt it would work well, particularly the 1240.

Something to note is that the mast isn’t the stiffest I’ve used, certainly not enough to affect performance and it comes with a more affordable price tag than some other brands.


The Cabrinha X-Series has made me reassess my views on foils. No longer will I always go for the fastest and most radical design. There is something to be said for having stability & control to make the most of your session.

The X-Series is well made and super fun to ride. With tons of options for upgrading or adapting your setup. If you’re looking for an all-around foil that’ll last for years, you’d be hard pushed to find something better!


This review was in Issue 13 of Tonic Mag.

For more information visit Cabrinha


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