F-One Peak Carbon Hybrid 2022 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

F-One Peak Carbon Hybrid 2022

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At A Glance

For F-ONE, Stand Up Paddling isn’t a new thing, way before foiling came along they were leaders in SUP surfing products. This is evident in the PEAK Carbon Hybrid paddles. Just picking it up it is immediately clear how light and stiff it feels.

The shaft of the PEAK paddles is designed to have the best compromise of flex, hand grip, and ease of paddling. It is slightly narrower than most paddles you pick up, which I often find leads to reduced grip fatigue.

This is an adjustable paddle, with a well-functioning plastic duty clip on the neck of the paddle. I found this easy to use straight out of the box and never slipped after multiple sessions & a lot of abuse. Above this clip, F-ONE includes height measurements, something you don’t see that often but is definitely useful. It’s great to know exactly what length you’ve been paddling so you can make minor adjustments accurately.

The blade I had on test was 43 x 19cm, it features something that F-ONE calls a V Double Concave. They first introduced this shape in 2016 and it has stood the test of time in their range. It’s designed to enhance the lateral stability of your paddle stroke. The blade has a ‘spoon’ shape that isn’t too aggressive and a long, narrow outline that is designed for an easier catch & release.

Finish-wise, it’s immaculate. The carbon looks stunning and the subtle branding is spot on.

On The Water

When SUP foiling, you spend a lot of time in ‘sprint’ mode, paddling for a wave, downwind bump, or attempting a flat water start. The shape of the handle & shaft was great for this, as was the long, narrow blade. The size of the blade felt powerful but not sluggish, meaning I could get a high cadence when paddling for the small un-breaking waves to get me on foil. The stiffness of the shaft made the paddle feel super responsive and the energy I put in was not wasted.

The V Double Concave shape definitely seemed to add stability, I didn’t feel any side-to-side wobble when I was putting in all that effort. Once up on foil, the paddle is so light I forgot it was there, allowing me to focus on my turns… or not falling off! That light weight also made it quick for rescue strokes when needed as a stabiliser, or for a few extra paddle strokes to keep me up on foil when pumping.

I ended up using this paddle quite a lot day to day, yes for foiling, but also out on the SUP with the kids or just in the van as a backup. It might be a bit extravagant for that but it has been incredibly robust and easy to use. You can be sure that it will last you well, this one looks just as good as the day it arrived.


As we’ve come to expect from F-ONE, this is a high-quality, high-performance product that will meet all your stand up paddling needs. The blade shape, stiffness, and lightweight are all there to help you get on foil as effortlessly as possible. The height adjustment clip works flawlessly making it user-friendly for multiple disciplines or for friends & family. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially considering its durability.

This review was in Issue 14 of Tonic Mag.

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By Jack Galloway

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