F-One Swing 4.2m 2020 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

F-One Swing 4.2m 2020

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At A Glance

You know you’re in good hands with F-ONE’s years of experience creating world-class kitesurf equipment and with Raphael Salles at the helm.

F-ONE were one of the first brands to bring a lightweight & seriously efficient wing to the market last year. Other equipment at that time was pretty cumbersome & difficult to use, so the Swing quickly became the benchmark for others to use.

Getting it out of the box, you can immediately feel the build quality in F-ONE’s products. It pumps up to a decent pressure using a ‘SUP’ connection valve & feels incredibly light to hold. The Swing has three handles on the strut & one on the leading edge for sheeting out the wing. It has a low aspect ratio which is designed to keep the wingtips out of the water when riding. It also comes in a range of eye-catching colours.

On The Water

First impressions out on the water are just how stable & well balanced it feels in flight. I found I was using the top handle and bottom handle all the time with no need to adjust my hand position; the wing was consistently flying well. The low aspect ratio mentioned above is effective in keeping the wingtips out of the water if you’re new to winging; this is essential. There is nothing worse than getting your first foiling flights and suddenly catching a wingtip, having it roll over & trip you up.

I’ve been using this wing for nearly a year now in a whole host of conditions. Big downwinders in 30 knots, cruising in the harbour or light wind sessions pumping the wing to catch waves. This wing does it all, and you’d expect no less from the creators at F-ONE.

It’s important to make sure you get enough air pressure when inflating but once you do this wing maintains good rigidity when pumping or out in strong winds. When out in really strong winds the canopy does ‘flutter’ a tiny bit, but I’m yet to find a wing that doesn’t do this when you’re heading upwind in 40 knots.


Super lightweight, really well balanced, easy to learn with and looks great with the simple colour-ways.


It could have more handles to give riders options when trying new tricks or gliding swell & want to hold the wing a slightly different way. This would ultimately add weight, though.


The F-ONE Swing is a serious bit of kit. Whether just learning on a SUP, trying your first foiling flights or pushing the boundaries of the sport, it really will do it all. Riding this wing for the last year has been awesome and kept me coming back for more every time. This sport has so much to offer, and the F-ONE Swing is the perfect choice to help you access that.


This review was in Issue 6 of Tonic Mag.

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By Jack Galloway

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