Brian Finch

Brian Finch

Pro Rider

1 year ago

With Armstrong Foils High Aspect foil HA925, Brian Finch (aka Foil The World) shreds the Florida surf! Performance, speed and glide have been improved to...

2 years ago

Tonic Mag's latest issue features a chat with Brian Finch, a prominent figure in foiling who has been around since its rise to popularity. With...

2 years ago

Freedom Foils FTW PRO is a board built to suit the most progressive foiling styles to date. Whether it's airs or whitewater carves, every angle...

3 years ago

Brian Finch, AKA Foil The World, shreds the Floridian surf on our High Aspect foil HA925. Performance, speed and glide have been taken to the...

Issue 14

We chat with Brian Finch AKA @FoilTheWorld

2 years ago

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