Chipri Courde

Chipri Courde

Pro Rider

5 months ago

Dockstars with Chipri Courde - What a spot to call home!

8 months ago

Chipri with the AFS Chipri Pro!

8 months ago

Join Chipri Courde, Swan Habelt, and Laurent Borgna for a session (and lunch) on the AFS Chipri Pro foil surfboard!

1 year ago

Introducing the AFS Advanced design by Chipri Courdes - perfect for the ultimate wave-riding experience!

1 year ago

STAY TUNED! Introducing AFS Foils Chipri Pro, a revolutionary, state-of-the-art foilboard jointly developed with Tahitian surfer Chipri Courde.

1 year ago

Chipri Courde joins the AFS crew! The Foil&Co team is stoked to welcome Chipri Courde to the AFS team! The Tahiti surfer is well-known on...

Issue 16

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